About Me

ashish gulati
  • Name: Ashish Gulati
  • Phone: (+91) 9899840966
  • Email: ashishgulati71@gmail.com

I am a Tech Product Manager with an entrepreneurial and engineering background. With experience in consumer internet, Currently, I am exploring the SaaS industry and global expansions.

I started my journey as an Augmented Reality Developer with Arsenic Labs and transitioned to SaaS. I co-founded FoodCham, to bring a change in the food ordering system in restaurants and bringing better customer experience to the very niche of the Food Industry, i.e. fine dining restaurants by replacing the already running Physical Menus.

I am also an active volunteer with Headstart Network Foundation, India's largest grassroots level organization that supports entrepreneurship and startups. I lead the Delhi Chapter and work with the team of volunteers to drive initiatives promoting entrepreneurship and startups. I also look after the tech function, optimizing workflows and processes to increase productivty.

I love to brainstorm over real-life challenges and developing solutions to those problems, I am a a No-Code evangelist, always hunting new products that are shaping the industry.
I also love to attend hackathons, pushing my limits, and bringing out the best from me. Have been a part of over two dozen hackathons and winning over 10 of them.

Time is the only thing which is equally divided among all,
Our Success is based on our priorities!!

There is still a long way to go, and there are too many factors to decide the future.